Wayne Monument Service, LLC

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Monument and gravestone markers thoughtfully and gently cleaned with respect and dignity.

"One can tell the morals of a culture by the way they treat their dead," ~ Benjamin Franklin

Over time, elements such as soil, grass, air, water, animals, and just time in general, can take its toll on the memories of our loved ones. There is no preventing this from happening to most monuments and headstones. If not addressed and removed, just like with any surface exposed to the elements such as a home or an automobile, it will ultimately damage the stone. Different stones require different care and attention, such as special cleaning agents that are gentle to the stone (NEVER dish soap and aggressive scrubbing), rinsing techniques, the correct amount of light water pressure (or no water pressure, depending on the stone or its condition), and all scrubbing is done gently by hand. We liken stone cleaning to teeth. You brush your teeth but you go to the dentist for the deep cleaning that only a skilled professional can provide. Caring for monuments and headstones is similar. You need a professional to deep clean and provide preventative preservation to your family stone or monument. That's what we do. We care about preserving the past.

Cleaning the stone is a primary step in preservation and should be done regularly. Each monument or headstone should be examined annually and any staining or soiling should be addressed to keep the stone beautiful and strong for decades to come. We use a gentle biodegradable biocide to remove biologic soil and debris, a biodegradable non-ionic detergent for stain and grime removal, and good old-fashioned gentle elbow grease. Honoring the past by remembering those who have passed is important. Call us today to preserve the respect and dignity of your loved one's final resting place for future generations.